A Cappella Records Announces Partnership with VocalSource

A Cappella Records has joined forces with a cappella production company VocalSource. This partnership will allow VocalSource clients to distribute their albums via ACR as a complementary service when they mix music with VocalSource.

VocalSource is the largest network of a cappella studio professionals in the world, with a long list of awards to its name; combining the talent of star producers Dave Sperandio, Tat Tong, Ed Boyer, James Cannon, and James Gammon, the production team at VocalSource has consistently delivered award-winning mixes to its international roster of clients.

“All of us at ACR are proud to be working with a company as professional as VocalSource – we want to make a cappella distribution very accessible to both artists and consumers,” said ACR founder and President Chris Crawford. “By integrating our services into their offering, VocalSource is making international distribution much easier.”

VocalSource expresses a similar excitement about the partnership and its possibilities, said founder Dave Sperandio.

“Pairing VocalSource’s broad scope of services with the direct-to-market distribution model and incredible marketing support provided by ACR allows us to offer our clients a true ‘total solution,’ and gets clients’ music into the hands of their fans more quickly, and in more places,” Sperandio added.

For more information on this partnership, visit the VocalSource Web site.

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