Contemporary A cappella League Group Joins A Cappella Records

To date, A Cappella Records (ACR) has digitally released albums from some of the collegiate a cappella world’s biggest players. Today, ACR is adding their first semi-professional group, DeltaCappella, to their impressive roster of clients.

This two-year-old all-male ensemble hailing from Memphis, TN, is part of the Contemporary A Cappella League, and since its inception, has been leading the way for other groups in the League. They continue the trend with the release of “DeltaCappella,” their six-song EP that features smooth Southern classics such as “Home” by Marc Broussard, as well as popular tunes like “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol.

Group founder Jay Mednikow said their album, the first for the group, is as much an homage to what their fans love best as it is a chance for them to show the rest of the world what they can do.

“In our two years performing together, our fans have continually asked for something to take home from our exciting live performances – we’ve finally recorded six of our most popular songs and put them on this EP,” he said. “The songs are the most requested; the soloists are the most in demand – and we’ve perfected them with a little tweaking in the studio, so you’ll download these songs to your iPod and listen to them time and time again.”

As for the album’s length, Mednikow sees the positive side to releasing an EP for their debut.

“It will just whet your appetite for our next release,” he noted.

Mednikow is excited to partner with ACR, and feels teaming up will only help the cause of bringing quality a cappella to a larger audience.

“I’m thrilled that Chris (Crawford) and Ross (Morey) conceived of A Cappella Records, as it fills a real need in the a cappella community,” he noted.

League founder Deke Sharon commended the group for their hard work and dedication to bringing quality a cappella music to the public, despite existing on a purely ‘extra-curricular’ basis. The intent of the League is to allow former collegiate a cappella participants an opportunity to return to the genre they love despite the demands of everyday life. And to Sharon, DeltaCappella exemplifies how successful League groups can be, with the right talent and direction.

“Once again, DeltaCappella is leading the charge…releasing an album that will have listeners convinced they’re listening to a full time professional vocal ensemble as opposed to a recreational community group,” Sharon said. “And this is how it should be – league groups are not amateurs, (but rather) passionate singers who have busy lives yet still find time to get together and make great music for themselves and their communities.”

For more information on how to download tracks off their self-titled album for yourself, visit

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