Welcome to ACR, House Jacks!

housejacks1 150x150 Welcome to ACR, House Jacks!

The House Jacks

Recently, we had the pleasure of adding five-part, insanely popular a cappella sensations The House Jacks to the A Cappella Records (ACR) catalog of artists. On Tuesday, the House Jacks released their newest album, “Level.” Check out clips, and information on how to purchase, on our Web site.

ACR also offers the rest of their albums – “Naked Noise,” “Funkwich,” “Drive,” “Unbroken,” “Fitchy & Grikko,” “Get Down Mr. Prsident!!,” and “Good Things,” to be specific.

ACR also offers tracks by the House Jacks through the Sing compilation series, specifically “What’s for Real” off of “Sing Six: Sunny Side Up,” “Summertime” off of “Sing 3: Melange a Trois,” and “This Man’s Pride” off of “Sing 2: Eclectic Boogaloo.”
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