The Peter Hollens Solo Venture

The name Peter Hollens is as known as it is respected in the a cappella community.

For years, Hollens has worked hard toward establishing himself as a talented producer and performer. His dedication to the genre, and to music in general, has resulted in a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance degree from the University of Oregon, the founding and growth of both On The Rocks and Peter Hollens Productions, and an active performance career (including multiple several very high-profile performances with On The Rocks on NBC’s The Sing-Off, during which he was a featured soloist on “Live Your Life” and “Kyrie,”).

Hollens Art 300x300 The Peter Hollens Solo VentureWith such a rich, extensive background in a cappella, and as a performer in general, it makes sense for Hollens to take the next step in his career by releasing a series of a cappella singles, performed top-to-bottom by Hollens himself!

The first of these releases, “What’s My Name/Only Girl,” was released today, with an accompanying music video. Erik Maurer was instrumental in the lighting, filming & editing of the video, and the arrangement was the work of Tom Anderson.

More will be released to the public as time goes by. A Cappella Records is proud to distribute Hollens’ music to the masses. Keep an eye on our blog for further announcements about the work of this very talented up-and-coming performer.

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