The Presidential Discounts

Today we celebrate the birthday of our founder and president, Chris Crawford. One of his birthday wishes is to get more a cappella tracks in the hands of ACR fans. To do this, we’ve worked with iTunes to do a very short sale on some of Chris’ favorite albums. Since we want this special pricing only going to the true fans, we’ve included 6 “cryptic” clues that will point you to the discounts in iTunes.

Just mic 300x300 The Presidential Discounts

The Six “Cryptic” Clues

• Slumdog In the Middle

• 2010 #1 album

• Epic cover that Honors Russell Crowe

• Crawford & Forkish

• The Launch Six

• Duke’s Wainwright religious experience

All sales apply to albums on iTunes. Most are live now, some will kick in later today. Thank you for supporting A Cappella Records. We hope you enjoy these albums!

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