Soar with Men in Drag!

All-female a cappella mainstays Men in Drag have released a new single – “On the Wing” by Owl City. Their rendition taps into the same ethereal electronic in which Owl City handily deals, with intricate arranging and smooth lead vocals to round out the experience.

On The Wing 1600x1600 300x300 Soar with Men in Drag!

Hailing from the University of Chicago, Men in Drag are no strangers to the studio, having put out six albums before this single in their 13-year history. The most recent album – “No Pants, No Problem” – is also available through iTunes. And their rendition of “Goodbye, My Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy has been a perennial favorite for iTunes customers.

These ladies pride themselves on their all-around-fun approach to a cappella performing (as well as on their love of animal prints) embracing their unique brand of music as much as they embrace their unique group name.

Keep checking back here for more information about these wonderful ladies, as well as all of our other dynamic groups!

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