Love Inspiring Music (a new Hollens single)

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another Peter Hollens release!

May2011 PeterHollens NYNAlbumCover2 300x300 Love Inspiring Music (a new Hollens single)Hollens proves himself to be a true master of versatility, teaming up this time with his lovely wife, Evynne and House Jacks vocal percussionist Jake Moulton to put out their techno-driven cover of “Need You Now” (originally by Lady Antebellum). “Need You Now” is a radically different follow-up to last week’s emotive, flowing “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” (featuring the Swingle Singers). But with production masters Tat Tong and Russell Kamp on board to help bring this dance-pop track to the next level, “Need You Now” is destined to be another hit for Hollens.

The lovely, featured couple met at the University of Oregon, where they founded the award-winning groups On The Rocks and Divisi. Their love of singing and music in general – especially a cappella – is what brought them together, so it seems fitting for the duo to put out a single using only their powerful voices.

You know Hollens best from season two of NBC’s The Sing-Off while performing with On The Rocks. He has also been seen in the past performing with On The Rocks during his college years, and with Boston-based professional group Ball in the House. He also manages his own studio, Peter Hollens Productions, where his recording and production work has garnered multiple awards.

Be sure not to miss out on owning Hollens’ other singles as well, such as Justin Bieber’s “Pray” (with fellow Sing-Off superstars Courtney Jensen and Therry Thomas), “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, “Firework” by Katy Perry and “What’s My Name/Only Girl” by Rihanna.

Make sure come back to our blog to see the “Need You Now” video first, as well as for information about Hollens’ next single. You can also find out more about all of the other wonderful musicians in our catalog of artists!

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