We have nothing to hide…

Plead the Fifth is releasing their newest album, “Standing Room Only,” for digital download!

SRO 1600 300x300 We have nothing to hide...

This 11-track album is extremely contemporary, with some flashes of retro brilliance. The track list boasts song such as Cee-Lo Green’s unforgettable break-up anthem, “Forget You,” the epic Queen rock ballad “Somebody to Love,” and a hard-hitting and thoroughly fun Hip-Hop Medley, which samples artists such as Jay Sean and Young Money.

The group has not wasted its time at Wake Forest University. Founded just a few short years ago in 2007, Plead the Fifth has kept extraordinarily busy performing all over their University’s home of Winston-Salem, North Carolina for both on- and off-campus events. And in addition to “Standing Room Only,” Plead the Fifth releasted a previous album, “No Shape for Driving,” just one year ago.

A group this motivated is sure to do great things in the years to come. We’ll be keeping an eye on them, and letting everyone know of their progress on here. So keep checking back!

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