A Cappella Au Naturale

The Dodecaphonics, Vanderbilt University’s resident all-male a cappella group, are releasing three albums for digital download! “Seniority,” which came out just this past April, can now be purchased through iTunes, in addition to “Tasty Grooves” (released in 2009) and “Separate Checks” (released in 2001).

Seniority 1600x1600 300x300 A Cappella Au Naturale

Seniority,” their most recent work, features 11 tracks of feel-good throwbacks, from Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” to an 80′s medley featuring Haddaway, Toto and Boston songs. To add to the vintage mood created by the set list, this album also featured next to no production – proponents of recorded a cappella free of modern-day production will be especially thrilled with this album. But in general, it’s a collection of classics you won’t want to miss.

The Dodecaphonics were founded in the 1990′s by a group of men at the university who shared a common love of music – in particular, a cappella. The group focuses first and foremost on musicianship, infusing their innate musical sensitivies into every performance. The result is a next-level delivery that helps them achieve their other primary goal – connecting with and entertaining their audience.

They have been recognized on campus since the group was founded, having won the annual Athenian Sing at Vanderbilt University many times. And the Dodecaphonics bring their award-winning brand of music to audiences far and wide, performing both on-campus and in national tours.

Make sure to pick up “Seniority” and their other works today! And as always, keep checking back for the latest on our artists!

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