Congratulations to our ACA winners!

Not long ago, we announced the considerable list of A Cappella Records artists we received A cappella Community Award nominations. Many of our groups were recognized, scholastic and professional alike (some receiving as many as nine nominations). Several individuals in our catalog of artists were singled out as well, either for work done with their exceptional groups, or as a solo act.

Now, we are thrilled to announce that many of our groups have won the awards for which they were nominated (an honor in and of itself)! Below, you will find a full list of winners represented by A Cappella Records.

Congratulations to ALL of the winners and nominees!

Favorite Contemporary A Cappella League Group
Winner: The Red States
Runner Up: Euphonism

Favorite Male Collegiate Group
WinnerOn The Rocks

Favorite Female Collegiate Group

Favorite Mixed Collegiate Group
Runner Up: PitchSlapped!

Favorite “A Cappella Soul” Group
WinnerJerry Lawson & Talk of The Town
Runner Up: The Persuasions

Favorite Professional Album
Winner: “Level” – House Jacks

Favorite Collegiate Album
Winner: “A Fifth” – On The Rocks

Favorite Male Vocalist
WinnerPeter Hollens
Runner Up: Roopak Ahuja of The House Jacks

Favorite Vocal Percussionist
Winner: Jake Moulton from The House Jacks

Favorite Songwriter
Runner Up: Austin Willacy of The House Jacks

Favorite Competition Set
WinnerRhythm & Blue at SoJam 2010
Runner Up: PitchSlapped! at ICCA Finals 2010

Favorite Gender-Bender Song/Solo
Winner: Jonah Seitz, Nick Firth, Josh Heying for “Bad Romance” (On The Rocks)

Favorite Album Art
Winners: “Level” by The House Jacks and “House on Fire” by Rhythm & Blue

Favorite Solo Performer
Runner Up: Peter Hollens

Favorite Original Song
Winner: “Red Dress” – The House Jacks
Runner Up: “Lighthouse” – On The Rocks

Favorite A Cappella Song that Doesn’t Sound A Cappella
Runner Up: “You Were Everything” - The House Jacks

Favorite Lady Gaga Cover
Winner: “Bad Romance” by On The Rocks

Favorite Rapper/Rap Performance
Winner: Alex Horwitch on “All the Above” (On The Rocks)
Runner Up: Brian Watts on “Love the Way You Lie” (Rhythm & Blue)

Favorite Live Performance Moment
Winner: “Alone” by Rhythm & Blue at SoJam

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