A Hat Trick of Aca-Excellence

The Duke’s Men of Yale are a very well-known group – for more than just their less than conventional (and somewhat confusing) name. They are known because they are great at what they do. And now, you can add some of their excellent a cappella to your music library, as they have just released three of their albums for digital download! “D.O.O.X.” (2006), “What a Trip” (2008) and “The Chase” (2010) are all now available online.

The Dukes Men The Chase 2010 300x300 A Hat Trick of Aca Excellence

The Chase” is the group’s most successful album to date, it features a whopping 18 tracks, all arranged for this album. And make sure to check out “The Quickest Road,” the album’s highly acclaimed original track. Songs from the album have been selected for inclusion on Best of Collegiate A cappella 2011, SING 7 and Voices Only 2011. It also earned two A cappella Community Award Nominations, and three Contemporary A cappella Recording Award nominations (one of which turned into a runner-up award for Sam Tsui’s solo on “What a Good Boy“).

The Dukes Men D.O.O.X. 2006 150x150 A Hat Trick of Aca Excellence

D.O.O.X.” (the group’s 25th album, and a turning point for the group in the attention paid to album production) and “What a Trip” (an experimental offering in which the group forays into repertoire never previously attempted by former membership) are two high-quality, historical albums you’ll want to have as your own.

The Dukes Men What a Trip 20082 150x150 A Hat Trick of Aca Excellence

The Duke’s Men of Yale University was founded in 1952, and have, over the years, evolved into a family of brothers who sing, tour internationally, record albums and generally delight audiences of all ages with their musical stylings. They have won the ICCA New England Regional Championships three times (1996, 2005, and 2009), proving that they can truly perform no matter where they are (be it stage or studio).

Make sure to check out all The Duke’s Men have to offer you, as well as the rest of our amazing catalog (all of which is announced first on our blog)!

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