Significant ACR Representation on Voices Only 2011!

To celebrate just some of the amazing recorded a cappella tracks out there, several larger and widely respected organizations in the a cappella community produce annual compilations highlighting these studio achievements. To fill them out, some of the aca-world’s bigger names sift through piles of quality material to piece together track lists consisting of only the best. Significant ACR Representation on Voices Only 2011!

Among them, the Voices Only series is one of the most widely recognized and widely respected of compilations. Last week, the track list for Voices Only 2011 (the most recent installment) was announced, and we’re thrilled to say that 12 tracks are from artists represented by A Cappella Records!

Voices Only has been around since 2004, putting out one two-disc collegiate a cappella compilation ever year. Produced by acclaimed a cappella performer/producer Corey Slutsky, Voices Only includes not only the best in recorded college a cappella, but the best mix of songs as well.

On Voices Only 2011, the following ACR artists have been selected for the following songs:

  1. All the Above – On The Rocks (U. Oregon)
  2. Wavin’ Flag – Bruin Harmony (UCLA)
  3. Cry Me a River – No Southern Accent (U. Florida)
  4. Halo – Pitch Slapped (Berklee)
  5. Let Me Love You – The Pitchforks (Duke)
  6. Goodbye – Sweet Signatures (Elon)
  7. Love, Save the Empty – Virginia Belles (U. Virginia)
  8. Yes We Can Can – The Trojan Men (USC)
  9. On The Wing – Men In Drag (U. Chicago)
  10. Blue and White – The Clef Hangers (U. North Carolina)
  11. Your Move – The Duke’s Men (Yale)
  12. Run – Rhythm & Blue (Duke)

Congratulations to our artists, as well as all of the other groups selected for Voices Only 2011!

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