Take Your Time Enjoying This Release…

From California Polytechnic State University comes Take it SLO, a prestigious co-ed a cappella group whose membership is as versatile and varied as its repertoire. They’ve spent their time thus far bringing their smooth spins on everything from contemporary to classic hits to surrounding parts of California.

SLOphistication 300x300 Take Your Time Enjoying This Release...

But now, their sophomore album “SLOphistication,” is available to audiences near AND far, as its just been released for digital download!

The whole album offers listeners engaging, yet easy, listening, such as “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble, “Just for Now” by Imogen Heap, and “Happy Ending” by Mika. Take it SLO even finds one of the more stripped down offerings ever heard from dynamic diva Beyonce, with their cover of “Save the Hero.” And at ten tracks, the whole album is the perfect length for one sitting of emotive, understated and high-quality a cappella music with repeat listen-ability.

Make sure to check out “SLOphistication,” an album that lives up to it’s titular promise of sophistication, class, and overall excellence.

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