Time to Jam Out to a New Single

It may not be easy to spell “Katzenjammers,” the name of Princeton University’s oldest co-ed a cappella group. It is, however, incredibly easy to enjoy their diverse brand of music – and now you can do so on the go, by downloading their new, soon-to-be hit single “I Want It To Be” on iTunes!

I Want It To Be 300x300 Time to Jam Out to a New Single

“I Want It To Be” (originally by Tonic) is the¬†Katzenjammers’ first foray onto the mainstage of contemporary college a cappella. The group has been recording since its inception (and garnering Contemporary A cappella Recording Award nominations and wins along the way), but this single takes them in a whole new direction. With “I Want It to Be”, the group’s aim is to show how versatile they are in terms of both range and style. They want the world to see that they can step outside of their comfort zone and still deliver and effective, memorable performance. Sung by talented voices and produced by the skilled hands of Matt Caruso (also known as the A Cappella Psych), “I Want It to Be” accomplishes all this and more.

The Katzenjammers, founded in 1973, are not just the oldest co-ed group at Princeton. They are, in fact, the oldest co-ed group of any Ivy League school in existence. They are proud to say that their repertoire spans “from Bach to the Beatles,” and their unique identity when they formed as a co-ed group amidst a sea of collegiate male and female groups helped to further establish them as innovators. As they approach their 40th year of existence, they hold true to the same principles with which their founding fathers and mothers ran the group – creating a sound that is both entertaining and rife with musical integrity.

Check out the Katzenjammers’ newest offering, “I Want It To Be,” today!

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