The First A Cappella iTunes LP

Stanford University’s own Mixed Company is one of the nation’s most celebrated co-ed a cappella groups, both in the studio and on stage. Recently, they put out a cover of Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” (complete with a music video), and it was met with the kind of excited and enthusiastic response one would expect for such a talented group of singers.

The Rush 1500 300x300 The First A Cappella iTunes LP

As it turns out, though, “The Edge of Glory” was more than just the title of the hit single – it was indicative of its role as the opening song for Mixed Company’s newest album, “The Rush,” which is now available! This album is unique in that it’s not only available for digital download in the traditional sense, but also, as an iTunes LP. Essentially, an iTunes LP is an interactive version of an album that features lyrics, photos, linter notes and the music video.

“The Rush” is the first a cappella album ever to be offered in this format, making it a must-own for not only a cappella fans, but technology buffs as well. And you’ll want to make sure you own a copy no matter which category you fall into – with a track list that includes even more female-fronted powerhouse performances (Beyonce’s “Halo,” Jordin Sparks’ “Battlefield” and Sia’s “Soon We’ll Be Found,” to name a few), as well as some love for the men (Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold” and Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be“), this newest release will truly be an 11-track celebration of what a co-ed a cappella group can do.

In addition, Mixed Company has also released their critically acclaimed work “Tree Museum” for digital download. Released in 2004 and available immediately for digital download, “Tree Museum” exhibits the same principles Mixed Company adheres to now – using its wide range of voices and available talents to make a stellar album (which earned high marks from the Recorded A cappella Review Board).

Mixed Company was founded in 1985 to fill the dearth of co-ed singing options at the time, and have always found themselves on the higher tiers of the collegiate a cappella world. They have used their talents for everything from recording amazing albums to performing for shows on campus and abroad, as well as for charitable causes. And not too long ago, they even got to bring their music to the L.A. Palladium, opening for Ben Folds.

Don’t get it mixed up – these albums are must-haves for any college a cappella fan.

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