BeelzeBonus: Bubs’ Back-Catalog!

Yesterday, we made the announcement that the Tufts Beelzebubs would be releasing their newest album, “BATTLE,” for digital download through A Cappella Records. What we didn’t tell you is that we are also going to be releasing the Bubs’ most recently-recorded catalog!

Tufts Beelzebubs Right Round Sweet Caroline 150 BeelzeBonus: Bubs Back Catalog!

An extensive number of Bubs recordings are now available through A Cappella Records. “Next” (2001), “Code Red” (2003), “Shedding” (2005), “Pandæmonium” (2007), “Play the Game” (2009), and two of the singles released last December after their time on the Sing-Off – “Right Round” by Flo Rida and “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond – are all available on iTunes.

Tufts Beelzebubs Play The Game 150 BeelzeBonus: Bubs Back Catalog!

Even better, “Pandæmonium” and “Play the Game” now include digital booklets. These booklets are available to anyone who purchases or completes the full album in iTunes. If you purchased either of these albums on iTunes prior to October 13, 2011 we’ll gladly send you the digital booklet. Just email your iTunes receipt to

Tufts Beelzebubs Pandaemonium 150 BeelzeBonus: Bubs Back Catalog!

Every single one of these recordings has proven greatly influential in the a cappella world, especially for their production quality (thanks in large part to Ed Boyer and Bill Hare, with other influential contributors helping along the way). They entertain and impress both as stand-alone albums, as well as parts of the Bubs’ overall continuing tradition of recorded excellence.

Tufts Beelzebubs Shedding 150 BeelzeBonus: Bubs Back Catalog!

The two most recent releases – “Right Round/Sweet Caroline” and “Play the Game” – cover practically every genre of music one could think summon to mind. From rap (“Right Round“) to classic rock (“Sweet Caroline“), from hard trip-metal (“All the Love in the World” by Nine Inch Nails) to 1980’s guilty pleasures (“Party All the Time” by Eddie Murphy), the Bubs show they aren’t afraid to tackle anything. And beyond that, they prove that no genre is untouchable by solid a cappella sound. It’s a trait of which every Bubs recording can boast.

Tufts Beelzebubs Code Red 150 BeelzeBonus: Bubs Back Catalog!

These albums have each received heaps of critical acclaim in their own time, as well as nominations (and wins!) in every possible awards program in the genre, especially the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards. Many of the Bubs’ tracks have also been prominently featured on assorted editions of Best of College A cappella (BOCA) and SING.

BATTLE” is the latest in a line of consistently impressive, show-stopping albums from this truly prolific group. Make sure to see what else they have to offer on iTunes while downloading your copy of their newest release!

Bubs BATTLE BeelzeBonus: Bubs Back Catalog!

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