It’s not about the money – but it’s only 99 cents anyway!

The Red States, New York City’s co-ed powerhouse Contemporary A cappella League group, have had a very successful year so far.

In addition to a series of well-received performances (both in their native Gotham and at various a cappella conventions), The Red States have also spent significant time in the studio. This past January, they released their first full-length album, No Political Affiliation. Then, after a live rehearsal recording of their gospel-infused take on “Rolling in the Deep” was featured and praised on (and subsequently went viral), they released a polished recorded single of the same Adele hit tune.

Price Tag 300x300 Its not about the money   but its only 99 cents anyway!

And today, they have put out another single – “Price Tag,” originally by Jessie J (featuring B.o.B) – for digital download on iTunes! This single shows another side of The Red States, one of fun and reckless abandon. Exciting production effects, natural ensemble talent and engaging lead vocals (which, in addition to a smooth-as-silk rap from Kyron Rogers, are provided by Meg Tirrell, the same smoky siren featured on the group’s “Rolling in the Deep” track) make “Price Tag” a must-have for lovers of all genres of music. With each release, The Red States further show their undeniable swagger to listeners far and wide.

Make sure to download “Price Tag” today – and to see the song performed by another well-known and well-respected group, tune in to Kinfolk 9′s performance tonight on The Sing-Off!

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