A Brand New Venture for Cadence

Cadence is one of the newest additions to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill a cappella community – one with a long-held tradition of award-winning musical excellence, both recorded and live.

After years of performing for audiences near and dear to Chapel Hill, Cadence is entering into the recording realm with their first studio release – “Brand New Behavior” – now available for digital download!

Brand New Behavior 300 A Brand New Venture for Cadence

“Brand New Behavior” is a five-song EP that shows off the group’s dedication to its versatility. They kick off with “Waka Waka” by Shakira, and move quickly into covering smooth, groovy artists like Sara Bareilles (“Hold My Heart“) and Joss Stone (“Baby, Baby, Baby“). It’s a condensed offering that nevertheless shows off the group’s many different talents.

Cadence was founded in 2003, and from its inception, its members have focused as much on making fine music as they have on public service and philanthropy. Their music – inspired by strong, prominent female personalities – is as versatile as their first formal recorded offering.

Make sure to check out “Brand New Behavior” today!

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