Make an Executive Decision Portal 2 Fans!

The Executive Board, a post-collegiate venture formed earlier this year and comprised of four Stony Brook University alumni – Mike Chipp, Jeston Lewis, Ben Hart, and Randy Tai – is setting foot into the recorded a cappella world with the release of their first single. And now, you can get that single on iTunes through A Cappella Records!

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Their cover of Jonathan Coulton’s “Want You Gone” (from the video game “Portal 2″) is an excellent introduction to the world of online music. Driving, contemporary, and packed with groove, “Want You Gone” is simultaneously catchy and haunting. The production value itself is also a selling point, the sleek finished product lending itself well to the source material and allowing the talent of these four friends to shine through.

All four members of The Executive Board sang with the Stony Brook High C’s, the university’s resident all-male a cappella group. The Executive Board – named because its membership filled executive positions during their time in the group – came together just this past July. They describe themselves as “four guys, a living room, a Macbook and a microphone,” and are working hard to create a sound they can call their own.

Want You Gone” is merely the first of many things to come from these talented gentlemen. Make sure to check it out – and download it – today!

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