Holiday Cheer from The Swingle Singers!

At A Cappella Records, we have the honor of working with a great many wonderful groups, each one as dynamic and musically gifted as the next. Today, we are honored and thrilled to announce that we are adding The Swingle Singers, the Grammy-winning, internationally renowned aca-sensation, to our catalog of artists.

The Swingle Singers – whose soaring masterpiece “Libertango” recently secured a spot on “Sing 8: Too Cubed” – have just released an EP of holiday tunes suitable for enjoyment the whole year round.

Final Swingles Cover1 300x300 Holiday Cheer from The Swingle Singers!

Yule Songs,” a six-song winter must-have, kicks off with an original, “Fugue for Autumn,” written by the group’s own Clare Wheeler, a true darling of the a cappella community. The rest of the album offers familiar favorites of the season, including “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and “O Holy Night.” The majority of the album was written and arranged by the group’s immensely talented membership.

The Swingle Singers have won five Grammy’s, and anyone who has seen their live show or heard previous recordings can understand why. They have brought their show and sold their previous recorded works to fortunate audiences worldwide, demonstrating to all who listen the range of possibilities for the human voice. In addition to the versatility of their voices, though, they also demonstrate a control, a discipline, and an attention to detail that makes the Swingle experience truly unique. Intricate harmonies and crisp execution, infused with a true passion for the art of a cappella, combine to create a sound and performance belonging solely to The Swingle Singers.

The group has released over 50 albums throughout more than 40 years of existence. They’ve covered it all on those albums, from classical to jazz, from world to pop. And now, they have taken the holidays by storm. Make sure to add “Yule Songs” to your holiday playlist by downloading it today!

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