Peter Hollens’ “Twilight” Inspired Single… and a Special Treat for Fans!

Just in time for the release of the much-anticipated “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” the penultimate release of the big screen interpretation of the “Twilight” saga, Peter Hollens has released a cover of the movie’s pop anthem, “It Will Rain.” And now, you can download it on iTunes!

Nov2011 PeterHollens ItWillRainAlbumCover 300x300 Peter Hollens Twilight Inspired Single... and a Special Treat for Fans!

Hollens has released his own take on the plaintive, moody tune, originally performed by Bruno Mars. Whether or not you’re a fan of the popular series of tomes (or the blockbuster films they inspired), anyone with an appreciation for quality music will want to add this single to their music library.

Hollens has created a signature sound for himself, and “It Will Rain” continues the tradition he has built of lush, emotive songs that stay with you well after you’ve finished listening.

This release is unique, though, in that it marks the start of a new way to enjoy Hollens’ music. For those who want try your hand at fronting a Peter Hollens single, now is your chance. In addition to the $1.29 regular single, a karaoke version with the lead vocals removed is also available for download for just 99 cents!

Going forward, Hollens will be releasing more karaoke versions of his singles. So for fans of the spotlight, make sure to keep your eyes and ears out for the latest by checking back with our blog often!

Find both on iTunes now, for the chance to not only hear Hollens’ latest opus, but also, to try your hand at being the star of a high quality a cappella track!

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  1. Olivr says:

    he’s really amazing.

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