A Peter Hollens Collaboration You Can’t Live Without

Peter Hollens, resident award-winning A Cappella Records solo artist – who just yesterday found out that his fist original single, “Sleepwalking“, was selected for world-renowned a cappella compilation “Sing 8: Too Cubed” – has done it again, releasing yet another single with his signature combination of professional polish and mad-crazy speed.

Without You Cover 300x300 A Peter Hollens Collaboration You Cant Live Without

His latest work is “Without You“, a cover of the hot new David Guetta/Usher collaboration. In order to make the recreation truly complete, Hollens has brought on the talents of rising YouTube star J Rice – and brought the track to a whole new level by doing so. Hollens and J Rice brilliantly combine the visual power of YouTube with a cappella sound – a killer collaboration if ever there was one.

It’s a party right from the start, and it only builds in intensity as the track continues. Luckily, the single is already available for download on iTunes. And as for that video? Well, here’s a teaser…

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