The Scattertones Offer a Triple Dose of Excellence

The Scattertones are a rich part of the California collegiate a cappella tradition, doing well to maintain the high regard in which area a cappella scene is held. Hailing from the University of California РLos Angeles, the Scattertones are one of the younger additions, but respected the same as their older, more established west-coast brethren.

Their recordings have garnered them a great deal of critical and community acclaim. This is why we are thrilled to offer the entirety of the ¬†Scattertones’ recorded catalog – consisting of their three albums, “Toasterscent,” “Blink,” and “Wherever You Stand” – for digital download!

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All three albums are works of art unto themselves. The most recent, “Wherever You Stand,” was an arrival of sorts for the group. Released in 2010, it garnered a whopping five nominations from the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards board, including “Best Mixed Collegiate Album.” The borderline-fearless track list winds its way from “Taking Chances” by Celine Dion to “Leave It” by Yes, and everything in between – including a stirring rendition of “If You’re Out There” by John Legend that serves as the album’s closing track.

Founded in 2002, this relatively young group of students is truly dedicated to paying homage to all eras and genres of music through their performances and recordings alike. They have also seen success, both in rankings and awards, in multiple a cappella competitions, including the International Championship of Collegiate A cappella, and the California-centric Absolut A Cappella competition.

All three of these albums are great examples of just how excellent contemporary a cappella can be. Make sure to look them up and make them yours on iTunes today!

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