“Sing 8: Too Cubed” Track List Announced!

The “Sing” series is one of the most widely respected compilations in the entire a cappella community. Every year, hundreds of applicants submit tracks and albums in the hopes of having their works selected for the esteemed collection.

Especially in light of the competition they faced, we at A Cappella Records are thrilled to announce that six of the tracks feature ACR artists!

Sing 8 300 Sing 8: Too Cubed Track List Announced!

The “Sing” team – which operates as part of the Contemporary A cappella Society of America – has once again collected the best of the best and organized them into an eclectic masterpiece. Cover and original, collegiate and professional, uptempo and ballad… all of these can be found within the experience of “Sing 8: Too Cubed”.

We’ve pasted the entire list below, and highlighted those artists that have released previous works through ACR. On November 11, this album will become available as a free download to CASA members. Non-members can purchase the album on iTunes on November 15. The rest of the “Sing” series is currently available on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Congratulations to all of the artists selected!

1. “Kings and Queens” by The Tufts Beelzebubs (from the album “BATTLE“)

2. “Break Anotha” by Redline (from the album “Inbound”)

3. “22″ by Tufts sQ! (from the album “Windows Down”)

4. “Settle Down” by 18 Wheelers (from the album “Play it Coy”)

5. “With Love Baby” by Witloof Bay (from the album “With Love Baby”)

6. “All of the Lights (Clean)” by Plaid Productions

7. “Free” by The Boxettes (from the album “Boxettes EP”)

8. “My Funny Valentine” by Vocado (from the album “Northern Lights”)

9. “Sharp” by Voices in Your Head (from the album “I Used to Live Alone“)

10. “In Vernalis” by Postyr (from the album “Postyr Project”)

11. “Witzig” by Maybebop (from the album “Extrem nah dran”)

12. “Toxic” by Overboard

13. “Phoenix” by Brandeis VoiceMale

14. “Cosmic Love” by The Cornell Chordials (from the album “Pulse”)

15. “Uninvited” by Rutgers ShockWave

16. “* * *” by Duke Out of the Blue (from the album “Still Point“)

17. “Sleepwalking” by Peter Hollens [video]

18. “Libertango” by The Swingle Singers [video]

19. “Ruled by Secrecy” by Bruin Harmony (from the album “No More Bets“)

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