Possibly the Funniest A Cappella Album You’ve Ever Heard

The Stanford Fleet Street Singers have a long, rich tradition of entertaining audiences with a powerhouse combination of strong, blended vocals and fearless humor. For over thirty years, Fleet Street has traveled to destinations near and far from their native Stanford University in California, bringing their unique brand of music to thousands of receptive audience members.

FleetStreet 300x300 Possibly the Funniest A Cappella Album Youve Ever Heard

In a genre dominated by cover songs, Fleet Street has long been unique in their consistent production of high-quality original music. Well before the community at large became aware of the need for originals, this college group was producing song after song, using covered material as a complement to their set, rather than a staple. The use of humor in their music makes Fleet Street additionally unique.

Their most recent album, “Through the Roof,” is a fantastic representation of who and what the group is about. And now, this most recent sampling of Fleet Street’s music is available via digital download through A Cappella Records!

Of the 12 tracks on the album, 9 are original pieces written by the group. The few covers – “Blackbird” by the Beatles, “Straighten Up and Fly Right” by Nat King Cole and Irving Mills, and “Toonz“, a medley of 90s-era cartoon themes – add to the charming, old-fashioned feel the group exudes. The originals, simultaneously irreverent and expertly arranged, offer listeners an experience that is as musical as it is whimsical.

If you’re into traditional flavor with a twist, “The Greatest Hits of the 1600s” is a must-listen track, and with other titles such as “Metrosexual” and “Love Story of the Cactus and Balloon” rounding out the list, you know what you’re getting into before you even press play.

Since 1981, Fleet Street has been continually developing and cultivating original compositions from its present and former membership – and they show no signs of slowing down. So make sure to download “Through the Roof” today and add to your music library a prime example of how truly engaging original a cappella can be!

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