The Tritones Release a Dream of a Single

The Tritones, the first co-ed a cappella group ever to form at the University of California – San Diego, have been making music since 1996. But as they have progressed in years, they have also progressed with the times, giving the a cappella treatment to contemporary hits relevant to the top-40 trends current for each incarnation.

Teenage Dream Cover 150x150 The Tritones Release a Dream of a Single

They recently recorded one of these contemporary arrangements, a mash-up of two Katy Perry numbers that became widely popular after the group featured it during their 2011 competition set in the International Championship of Collegiate A cappella. And now, “Teenage Dream” can be yours to own through A Cappella Records!

Check out a video of the live performance just below, and make sure to download your copy on iTunes today!

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