It’s not Electronic, but it Feels So Close!

YouTube sensation AaronicStuff is back at it again, this time dropping an a cappella cover of Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close“. You may recognize Aaron as “the dubstep guy” from the viral video leading to his first ACR single, October’s release of “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites“. Here, however, he’s come out from the deep end and tried his hand at a House track – to great success. Like his last release, it has an awesome YouTube video as well.

One thing that always amazes me about Aaron is that for him, a cappella is a thing of equal parts preference and necessity. He exploits the unique versatility of the human voice to recreate sounds produced by expensive and complicated electronic gear, armed with little but recording software and a handful of filters. He creates all his own mixes based on what he hears from a particular track, and the results are surprisingly faithful to the original. In fact, you can currently check out Aaron’s viral dubstep video right alongside the original on the homepage of mash-up helper site – the two sync up with the precision one would expect of electronic music, except that Aaron’s track is all vocal. It’s an impressive achievement, to say the least.

cover 201111272206001 1024x1024 Its not Electronic, but it Feels So Close!

Some groups have fantastic soloists, others incredible percussionists, still others stellararrangements and full, rich chords. Aaron proves that he can tackle all these aspects, but his true specialty is the electronic synth-sound. I have no idea how he creates his pads, but many times while listening to “Feel So Close”, I managed to forget that the sounds I was hearing were produced by someone’s voice – and a lone (though multi-layered) voice at that. It’s a whole different kind of a cappella, and yet it’s distinctly human, and thoroughly enjoyable. Crank up the volume and give it a listen today – it may not be what you’re used to, but it might turn out to be your favorite track yet.

Get a little closer with “Feel So Close“, now on iTunes.

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