A Strong Addition to the High School A Cappella World

Usually, when we are announcing the releases of scholastic a cappella albums, we’re speaking of collegiate groups. This time around, however, we are focusing on one particularly hard-working high school group that is making its way onto the scene through the kind of hard work and dedication not¬†stereotypically¬†associated with their age demographic.

Forte, from Centerville High School in Dayton, Ohio, has set the bar by releasing their second album, “2 the Wire,” to the public. And now, you can purchase all 11 tracks on iTunes through A Cappella Records!

Forte 2 the Wire Cover 300x300 A Strong Addition to the High School A Cappella World

This album is the group’s second studio release in as many years of existence. Its name even heralds to its existence as a sophomore offering by a group in its sophomore year (though its membership involves freshmen, juniors and seniors as well). The track list is everything that pop music lovers of all ages would want, including “Rolling in the Deep” (Adele), “Breakeven” (The Script) and “Secrets” (OneRepublic). Their closing track – “Gravity” (Sara Bareilles) – is especially dear to the group, as it features the lofty, clear vocals of Sonos’ own Jessica Freedman.

Every year, the group takes on a schedule most college groups cannot handle, as they endeavor to record a professional CD and compete in the International Championship of High School A cappella.

Check out “2 the Wire” online today, and download your copy to support the arts – and great music.

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