Time for Some Holiday Aca-Cheer!

Around this time of year, some choose to celebrate the holidays with soft selections of timely tunes, appropriate accompaniment to a warm fire on a cold winter’s night. Others, however opt for lighter, brighter fare that gets the party started and people rocking around the Christmas tree (or alternative holiday shrubbery of choice).

The Chromatics, a scientifically-focused group of musicians, will please both sides with their latest studio release.

chromatics 1450 300x300 Time for Some Holiday Aca Cheer!

With their festive EP “Wassailicious,” this co-ed group of dynamic musicians bring all approaches of sonorous holiday enjoyment to the table. The album incorporates both familiar and original tracks that range from humorous to heartfelt. With tracks like “Pachelbel’s Tantrum” and “Phlegmish Carol,” you know you’re in for an unconventional good time. But with songs such as “Star of Wonder” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” on the ‘nice list’ for “Wassailicious,” you can get your more-traditional fare. Either way, you’re in for a holiday treat. ”Wassailicious” is sure to be an a cappella classic for holiday music enthusiasts for years and Yuletides to come.

The Chromatics have received their fair share of impressive press, including being cited as “NASA’s most endearing merrymakers” by The Washington Post. Their aim is to educate to hrough music, using a cappella as their classroom for lessongs about science and astronomy that everyone can enjoy – and understand. Their pet project, “AstroCappella,” has manifested itself into studio releases, videos, lesson plans and exhibits used to educate students of all ages across the country. In addition to coverage in nationally ranked newspapers, they have also been featured on PBS, CNN Headline News, and the New York Times. And, in an A Cappella Records first, one of their albums has even made the journey to space!

Make sure to check out “Wassailicious” today. Dare we say it’s … out of this world?

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