An Early Christmas Gift from m-pact’s Jeff Smith

For a cappella artists, multitracking is definitely on the rise, allowing those who can’t field that perfectly blended band to, literally, do-it-themselves. It also allows a cappella’s superstars to pursue their own creative directions while maintaining the sparkling sound for which their usual groups are well-known. A Cappella Records is certainly no stranger to these solo-superstars. In addition to the prolific Mr. Hollens, we distribute tracks by the soulful John K. Brown, live-looper Kid Beyond, and internet over-dubber AaronicStuff. But today, we focus on a new holiday single from Jeff Smith.

Jeff Smith Album Art 300x300 An Early Christmas Gift from m pacts Jeff Smith

Jeff is a member of acclaimed jazz-pop group m-pact (also an ACR client), and it shows in his treatment of “Mary, Did You Know?“, a holiday track straight from America’s heartland. And who better to sing it than the Kansas-born beatboxer? That’s right. Jeff is the vocal percussionist for m-pact, but he proves that his talents on the mic aren’t solely restricted to emulating a drum kit. In addition to the expectedly solid beats and sweeping cymbal sounds, “Mary, Did You Know?” features lush chords, soaring melodies, and the kind of blend that can only come from being your own backup band.

With its own brilliant blend of inspired lyrics and beautiful music, this track is a perfect way to expose the guests at your holiday party to a whole different side of “that thing you and your college buddies do.” Break up the usual old Christmas tracks this year with “Mary, Did You Know?”, and show your friends and relatives how the a cappella community rings in the holidays – or better yet, give the track as a gift, and make some brand new a cappella fans!

Mary, Did You Know?” is available now on iTunes.

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