All-Star Sing-Off Holiday Reunion

Tonight, the Sing-Off holiday special – “A Sing-Off Christmas” – was aired on NBC to audiences in the millions, and multiple artists in the A Cappella Records catalog sang their hearts out on national television.

Acts such as the Tufts Beelzebubs, On the Rocks and Peter Hollens performed during the star-studded event. And in addition to returning to the Sing-Off stage, each of these artists have their own exciting announcements!

DEC2011 PeterHollens Christmas 300x300 All Star Sing Off Holiday Reunion

Hollens has released his own take on “The Christmas Song” for fans and holiday music enthusiasts alike. The natural mixing approach lends itself well to a homophonic, textured arrangement filled with lush, jazzy chords and dynamic vocals. The lead is tender, evoking all the emotion this iconic holiday can bring. And now you can own it for yourself by downloading it on iTunes!

As for On the Rocks and the Beelzebubs, you can now purchase deluxe versions of their latest albums directly from the ACR site (more on that tomorrow).

So tonight, after you finish enjoying “A Sing-Off Christmas,” head to iTunes to check out the latest from Hollens and all of our other amazing artists!

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