Take a Little Time to Enjoy This Single

With a presence that defies their mere 5-member lineup, transit is a vocal band that has been bringing their brand of a cappella music to the scene for more than a decade. With what beefier a cappella acts would call a skeleton crew – four male, one female – some may wonder how this mixture of membership works onstage; so far the group has had nothing but success, and they’re only headed higher.

In 2007, they released their first studio offering: a self-titled EP that garnered a great deal of positive press and awards. And now, they’ve put out a brand new single, available for download through A Cappella Records!

Their cover of Maroon 5′s “Little of Your Time” is a welcome treat for those anxious to hear more of what transit has to offer as recording artists. From the very beginning, this track lets listeners in on the fun that transit so obviously has in doing what they do. The production is clean and professional, while still allowing each of the group’s five fantastic voices to shine.

Check out their video preview below, then head over to iTunes to buy your copy today!

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One Response to Take a Little Time to Enjoy This Single

  1. Patty Dobbins says:

    I’ve been following Transit for a while and they are one of my favorite aca groups. They love to tease us with a little preview of their songs but I love them anyway.

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