A Wild Single from Vox Pop

There are some songs that, upon their release to the public, instantly resonate with much of the a cappella community. This ignition of passion manifests itself in numerous arrangements of the same tune. “Animal” by Neon Trees is one of those songs.

Vox Pop Animal 300x300 A Wild Single from Vox Pop

In general, these songs run the risk of being overdone due to their popularity – Billy Joel probably knows what we’re talking about.¬†However, when a group really pulls it together and puts out an amazing cover that can stand above the pack, it can be… well, a whole different animal.

That’s exactly the case with Vox Pop’s “Animal,” adding depth to the frenetic original by incorporating a 1980′s flair, in the form of Def Leppard and Duran Duran samples. It’s an impressive work – both in terms of the arrangement and performance – offering a new twist on an a cappella favorite.

Vox Pop, a member of the Contemporary A cappella League (sponsored by the Contemporary A cappella Society of America), is a 10-year-old co-ed semi-professional group hailing from the D.C. area.¬†The group’s name, derived from the Latin vox populi, is something of a summarization of the group’s main mission – to engage audiences through entirely vocal renditions of pop music.

Take a walk on the wild side with Vox Pop’s “Animal” on iTunes today!

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