Oh Yes, Indeed!

The Treblemakers of Northwestern University came together a few short years ago to pay a cappella homage to artists and musicians of Eastern Asian descent; they are the school’s only East Asian-interest ensemble, and now, they are ready to show the world what they’re made of with a brand-new single!

cover lg 300x300 Oh Yes, Indeed!

OH YEAH!,” originally by Crowd Lu, is the group’s latest recorded offering. And now you can purchase it for digital download on iTunes through A Cappella Records!

The song starts with a funkified bass line and light snaps, leading into a virtual explosion of jazz and fun. The lead singer exudes style and class while performing the track, done entirely in Chinese. Both the arrangement and production allow the song’s artistically clashing harmonies, as well as the group’s smooth vocals and natural talents, to shine.

Though they are dedicated to bringing their musical heritage to the Northwestern community, and the United States in general, the Treblemakers enjoy singing top-40 American hits as well. Founded in 2004, their repertoire and membership has spanned nations from China to Hong Kong, and from Singapore to various regions of the U.S.

Watch this video preview of the song now, and be sure to download it for your music library today!

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