The most rewarding way to hear On the Rocks

Sing-Off sensations On the Rocks (from the University of Oregon) have consistently set the bar high for other collegiate a cappella groups in regards to what a scholastic organization an accomplish. Their achievements don’t stop with their wildly successful appearance on the hit NBC show – On the Rocks has been one of the most respected and well-known groups for much of their young existence.

They are continuing to set their sights high in 2012, with a Midwestern tour and a brand new album planned for their year. But now, they need the help of their fans in order to accomplish their goals, which is why they have now launched a Kickstarter to solicit additional funding.

“This spring, we will be traveling to Chicago, IL and Ann Arbor, MI. We are excited to perform in these great cities, meet new groups, and sing for fans who may not have seen us perform live before,” the fundraising page reads. “We are also in the process of recording our sixth studio album. We are hoping for this album to be our best and most ambitious to date.”

And they hope to accomplish all of this before the 2012 spring semester is finished.

As is the tradition with Kickstarter campaigns, those who contribute certain amounts of money will receive additional perks. For example, someone donating $10 or more will receive an early digital download of their upcoming EP of Sing-Off songs. For those with $3,000 to spare, you can get a laundry list of additional goodies, in addition to an exclusive, at-home performance (if you live in the Eugene, OR area).

Don’t miss out on the chance to get early access to new music from On the Rocks.

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