Your Prayers Have Been Answered – It’s A New Hollens Single!

Peter Hollens, solo artist-in-residence at A Cappella Records, has created another work of art with his wife, Evynne. This time around, they  have chosen to take on “The Prayer,” the solemn neo-classic originally performed by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. And now, the finished product is offiically available for digital download!

It is a truly moving piece of music, viewed as sacred Christmas fare but enjoyed secularly the whole year ’round. And now you can share in that enjoyment with this stirring a cappella rendition. Plus, as a bonus for those that know and love the song already, you will have the chance to sing along with a karaoke version of the same great a cappella track!

Feb2012 PeterHollens ThePrayer 300x300 Your Prayers Have Been Answered   Its A New Hollens Single!

Peter has also recorded 90′s anthem “Seasons of Love” (from the hit Broadway musical “Rent”) and a dance remix of “Need You Now” (the 2011 chart-topper originally performed by Lady Antebellum) with Evynne, who brings a style and substance all her own to each recording. He has also put out a great deal of other awesome a cappella adaptations of well-known hits on his own, such as “Firework” (by Katy Perry), an Adele mash-up of “Turning Tables” and “Someone Like You,” and an original piece entitled “Sleepwalking.”

Each Hollens track offers listeners a unique listening experience, and “The Prayer” is no different. Find it on iTunes today – you won’t regret it!

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