Brand-New Blends With Chai-Town’s “Fresh Brewed”

I imagine that I listen to music the way some people drink chai tea.

As much as I love the tried-and-true flavors of a cappella, it’s always exciting when a group tries to tackle a new or exceptionally challenging genre. Such is the case with Chai-Town, a South Asian group whose calling card is the mastery of the mash-up. Even in a culture dominated by a no-genre-is-off-limits attitude, each of Chai-Town’s albums push the envelope of what the human voice is capable. Their latest effort, “Fresh Brewed“, is indeed the best yet from the venerable group of 10 years.

Chai Town Cover 300x300 Brand New Blends With Chai Towns Fresh Brewed

Always tasty while remaining tasteful, the arrangements are pure genius; whether they’re combining a classic track with a new chart-topping hit, or mixing in Bollywood with American pop sensations, Chai-Town’s use of their voices to glue together unlikely elements is a prime example of what makes a cappella so unique, and so good to the last drop.

In addition to their skills with the house blend, the boys of Chai-Town don’t skimp on the cream and sugar; I had to pour a sample of one of their tracks, Amplifier, as a taste of what you’ll get with your order. Do NOT listen to it on cheap speakers or tinny headphones! The complexities of Indian drumming are represented throughout the whole album, and a nice fat kick rounds out the low end when another shot is needed.

Pick up “Fresh Brewed” today, and get an expertly-blended pick-me-up that will have you dancing through the day. AND look for even more albums from Chai-Town to be released through A Cappella Records…┬áBecause once you’re hooked on Chai-Town, you’re going to want even more!

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