Two Powerhouse Groups On One Amazing Night!

The membership of Voices in Your Head, from the University of Chicago, come together to form a highly respected and highly professional a cappella group. It makes sense that this excellent ensemble would team up with another big name in the community – On the Rocks, from the University of Oregon – to put on one incredible show.

That is why, on Monday,  March 26, you can see these two A Cappella Records grand slams as they perform in concert! The show will be held on the University of Chicago campus, in the renowned McCormick Tribute Lounge. If you are anywhere near there, it would be well worth the trip to see this wonderful night of music play out.

Voices in Your Head was founded in the fall of 1998 and, during it’s 13 years of musical life, has established itself as a force to be reckoned with both in the studio and onstage through their many concerts at home or abroad with some of the biggest names in collegiate a cappella – not to mention as participants in the International Championship of Collegiate A cappella. Their most recent release, “I Used to Live Alone,” was widely celebrated on both a cappella compilation track lists and in the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARAs). They have also had similar success with their previous outstanding recorded releases.

On the Rocks, founded in 1999, are a name that is famous even beyond the confines of the a cappella community after their stint on NBC’s The Sing-Off. They have consistently set the bar high for other collegiate a cappella groups in regards to what a scholastic organization an accomplish. And their achievements don’t stop with their wildly successful appearance on the hit NBC show – On the Rocks has been one of the most respected and well-known groups for much of their young existence. Between their showing in the International Championship of Collegiate A cappella and in the CARAs, the group appears to be almost unstoppable – especially after a successful Kickstarter campaign to tour and record.

And later this month, you can see both during an amazing show. Don’t miss the chance to see two stellar groups for the price of one!

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