Make A Date With This New Single

A group of young men hailing from the University of Illinois formed in the interest of fusing their culture with their love of making contemporary vocal music.  The result was Chai-Town, and now, that group has something to share with the world in form of a fresh new single.

Their cover of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” is both infectious and enjoyable – and now you can own it through iTunes, courtesy of A Cappella Records! It’s a light, infectious track that will keep you smiling well after taking a listen.

The all-male group is immensely talented and deeply motivated to their unique blend of music and heritage. They have traveled all over the country, to share this passion, and the stage, with acts from sea to shining sea – and everywhere in between. And they are continuing to demonstrate their studio prowess by working on a third album – one for which we will surely keep eyes and ears open!

Enjoy this video preview of the single, then make sure to download it to your music library today!

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One Response to Make A Date With This New Single

  1. Kevin Barenbrugge says:

    HAHAHA this video is hilarious!!! Buying this now!!!

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