Sweet New Beats From Eight Beat Measure

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Eight Beat Measure has been pleasing audiences for over 22 years. Their track record of excellence extends to both stage and studio. And now, much to the delight of their fans, the group has decided to release a new single!

cover lg9 300x300 Sweet New Beats From Eight Beat Measure

Their version of “Carry Out,” a hot hit originally performed by Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, is now available to the masses for digital download. Eight Beat Measure practically oozes “cool” on this track. The percussive, driving arrangement  keeps this club hit moving just as smooth soloists and skilled beat-boxing delight listeners.

Eight Beat Measure has been on the scene since 1987, an offshoot of the RIT Singers. They began as a faculty-conducted group known as the Men’s Octet, before taking a foray into the contemporary and adopting a new name to reflect their new musical interests. They also expanded their membership, in addition to their repertoire, and have never looked back from either decision. Decades later, they are still entertaining audiences with their eclectic mix of musical covers.

Take a listen to this live performance of their new, soon-to-be-hit single, then download it today for yourself!

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