You Won’t Have Mixed Feelings About This Album

The Mixed Emotions, from Virginia Tech, are one of the oldest contemporary a cappella groups at the school. Since 1996, this co-ed ensemble has been sharing its gifts with audiences near and far. As they entered their sixteenth year, though, it became even more apparent that something was missing from their extensive history – an album.

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But now, with the release of their first studio offering – MEMOrable – that has all changed. And you can own this amazing inaugural album for digital download through A Cappella Records!

Don’t let their lack of recording history fool you – Mixed Emotions know what they’re doing behind any microphone. They shine on tracks such as ”King of Anything” (Sara Bareilles), “You Found Me” (The Fray), “Battlefield” (Jordin Sparks) and “Set Fire to the Rain” (Adele). Most of the album’s 12 songs are recognizable radio hits, giving the overall work a feeling of fun and familiarity for the listener. It may have taken awhile, but MEMOrable was worth the wait, and will stay in your minds days after hearing it.

The group takes special pride in its in-house arrangements and deep involvement with student activities on campus. They are perennial favorites at local festivals and fundraisers, Greek life and other campus events, not to mention at their semi-annual fall and spring shows. The main goal of Mixed Emotions is to keep audiences entertained, and with their recognizable yet widely varied repertoire of songs, combined with their positive attitudes, they more than succeed.

So don’t forget to download MEMOrable today!

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  1. MJ says:

    is this on itunes?

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