This Album Is Anything But Pointless

What’s in a name? For this group, not a lot of truth. The men of Pointless, an all-male group hailing from Point Loma Nazarene University, are anything but the descriptor chosen as their calling card. They are a hard-working bunch, and it shows in the quality of their recordings and performances.

VI Album Cover 300x300 This Album Is Anything But Pointless Take, for example, their sixth album, “VI“. Not only is it a great album, it’s also a testament to their dedication that they are releasing album number six just nine years into their existence as a group. And now, you can download VI online through iTunes!

The name of the game is fun for Pointless. Even songs that venture into emotional territory show the group’s fearless nature through no-holds-barred singing and the more-than-occasional gender bender song. Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” Sara Bareilles’ “King of Anything,” Michael Buble’s “Everything” and Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song (feat. Bob Brower)” represent a smattering of the thoroughly enjoyable 12-track journey VI will introduce to its listeners. After putting it all out there in the studio, Chris Hobson produced the album, and brought it through its finishing stages. The group considers VI to be their best work yet, and we’re inclined to agree.

As previously stated, Pointless was founded in 2003, and have been working themselves hard ever since. They perform mostly on campus, finding any audience they can to delight with their musical stylings. Dorms, incoming students and faculty events are just some of the venues Pointless has graced. They have also toured to exotic locales like Jamaica and New Zealand. Plus, if their history thus far is any indication, they will continue to go far.

Feel like waiting any longer would be… well, pointless? Make your way to the iTunes store and download “VI“!

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