Time For One BOSS A Cappella Festival!

Forgive us the horrible pun and antiquated terminology therein, but we’re just that excited about this weekend’s inaugural Boston Sings A Cappella Festival!

Known as BOSS for short, this festival is the first of its kind to be held in magical Beantown. Its stellar organizers – a who’s who of some of the most respected up-and-comers in the a cappella community – have pulled out all the stops to make sure the festivities are not only remarkable unto themselves, but stand also as a strong beginning to what will surely be a future institution on the a cappella calendar.

The weekend will kick off with the first-ever live presentation of the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards, with some of the most anticipated ones announced live, and the winners presented with trophies onstage in front of their peers. The red carpet event will also involve a collegiate a cappella competition (featuring ACR clients Voices in Your Head, along with other downright stellar scholastic a cappella groups). By the end of the first night, everyone present will feel like winners for taking part in an historic and gorgeous event.

The next day, BOSS attendees will be able to participate in a variety of workshops and seminars (including a Music Rights class led by our very own founder, Chris Crawford) that will help everyone involved bring their aca-game to the next level. Other workshops on Saturday include Ben Stevens’ now-famous “Essential Listening” class, the traveling “I Am Woman” panel that discusses the state of women in a cappella, and a smattering of others that will focus on improving one’s presence on stage, in the studio, and as a group member/musician, run by some of the knowledgeable folks in the community. There will also be workshops on Sunday, including one that will help others organize a festival of their own.

In between classes, a series of acabombs will punctuate the day with outstanding public displays of a cappella from a surprise roster of groups.

Saturday’s full plate of learning, music-making and networking will finish off with a breathtaking professional concert showcase featuring Cadence, an all-male toure-de-force from across the northern border, New York’s powerhouse Sweeps sensations Traces and Boston’s own amazing Redline.

In short, this weekend will not just be good for a first time out – it will be an amazing time that stands up to every other established festival going. And it’s just the beginning for BOSS.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

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