We Can’t Say Enough About This New Album!

Southern soul meets sophistication in the ladies of Note-oriety from James Madison University. They are up-and-comers in a section of the a cappella genre that is experiencing an overall coming of age. Simply put, female groups are proving more and more that they can stand up against – and sometimes even surpass – their co-ed and all-male counterparts.

Note-oriety is no different. They aim to show their skills┬ánot only on stage, but through their recorded works as well. And with their new album, “I’ll Never Say,” they do just that. Now, you can experience the album yourself for digital download on iTunes!

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The album is a comfortable, thoroughly enjoyable 11 tracks, each serving double duty as a stand-alone treat as well as part of a fantastic whole with a major repeat listen-ability factor. Their renditions of Adeles’ “Rolling in the Deep,” Jennifer Hudson’s “Pocketbook,” Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Chain” and A Fine Frenzy’s “Almost Lover” are arranged and performed to play up their innate smooth brand of sass, with emotion coursing throughout every number. The production is top-notch, helping each track, and the ladies performing them, truly shine.

Note-oriety is JMU’s premiere all-female a cappella group, and has been rocking the campus since 1998. They keep busy with a full roster of concerts and philanthropic endeavors alike, as well as frequent tours to colleges and universities around the country.

Add “I’ll Never Say” to your music library today!

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  1. Excellent album! We’re proud to have been part of the early tracking process in the studio. The final mixing and mastering is brilliant…

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