Sweet New Single From Blueprint!

Up-and-coming sensation Blueprint has no interest in taking things slow – they already produced a second single. And now it is available for digital download through A Cappella Records!

cover lg2 300x300 Sweet New Single From Blueprint!

This time around, the group took on “Sweeter,” a tune performed by Gavin DeGraw. The original song exhibits a slightly harder edge than DeGraw’s previous hit singles, while still maintaining his smooth appeal. Blueprint emulates all of that – everything from the gritty, thumping bass line to the dancing, electric lead vocals to perfection – while offering in addition a full, juicy arrangement that at times even bests the tune upon which it’s based.

Blueprint is, collectively, a rising star in the community, after an outstanding debut weekend at BOSS 2012 and the Boston regional Harmony Sweepstakes.

Make sure to keep your eye on them (both literally, by watching a video of their take on “Sweeter” below, and figuratively), and you won’t be disappointed!

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