A Sweet New Single From Men in Drag!

The Windy City’s sensational Men in Drag has, as a group, consistently proven that the stigma of unenthusiastic all-female a cappella is dead and buried beneath their stomping, heel-clad feet. Through multiple festival appearances and several wildly successful studio releases, this University of Chicago ensemble is one of those raising the standard for y-chromosome deficient a cappella as a whole.

cover lg6 300x300 A Sweet New Single From Men in Drag!

And now, with their newest single – a fun and flirty take on “Cherry Pie” by Warrant – they have nudged that bar even higher.  The track grips listeners from the get-go and takes them on a fast-paced ride they’ll want to repeat many times.

Check out the video below for a taste, then head on over to the album page to download Men in Drag’s latest hit today!

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  1. ehsan says:

    love sex

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