Turn Up the Music

A cappella solo sensation Peter Hollens is no stranger to collaborations, and he doesn’t have to look far for extremely talented people with which to make music. In the past, he has worked with his beautiful wife Evynne, the Grammy-nominated and all-around-stellar Swingle Singers, fellow Sing-Off stars, and much more.

cover lg3 300x300 Turn Up the Music

This time, he’s going back to the Sing-Off for a duet partner – and he found one in Scott Hoying, the vocal run king from season three’s winners, Pentatonix. Together, the two have used their soulful sensibilities to bring life, heart and vocal excellence to Chris Brown’s “Turn Up the Music.” And now you can own this powerful, funky collaboration for yourself through A Cappella Records!

The track is everything one could want dance-appella to be, with driving beats and polished, futuristic production that still allows the fullness of the arrangement to shine, as well as the unabashed fun felt in both outstanding solo performances from Hollens and Hoying. Both men have impressive vocal ranges, a skill which allows them to simultaneously stoop low and soar high, adding to the depth and character of what could have just been another pop a cappella cover Рand is now thankfully so much more.

Also, make sure to keep a lookout for the video, which should debut next week. We don’t want to say too much and spoil what’s in store, but we will say this – it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, from Hollens or from the a cappella community in general.

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