Help Vox Pop Record Its Debut Album!

Vox Pop, a professional Contemporary A cappella League group based in Washington, D.C., made a splash this past weekend at VoCAL Nation by taking the stage in the festival’s professional showcase and holding their own alongside internationally-renowned acts such as Cluster and Afro Blue.

The performance was exemplary of their continued efforts toward self-improvement.

“A couple of years ago, Vox Pop was a bunch of people who liked singing contemporary a cappella together (mostly in the living rooms of members’ apartments),” the group said. “At some point, though, that stopped being enough.”

On the heels of their outstanding show – and years of increasingly impressive performances – Vox Pop is now hoping to raise the funds necessary to bring their blended talents to the studio.

Here’s where the fans come in – the group has put together a Kickstarter to help make enough money to record their debut album, “Mandate.”

“[We are] making an album because we have something to say, something to give to a cappella: our sound, our joy, and our love for this art form and each other,” they say on the page.

Vox Pop additionally promises an album with a diverse track list of contemporary songs.

The group’s name speaks to their collective mission, their true passion – to bring together voices from diverse backgrounds all dedicated to making a unified, harmonious sound. This past weekend’s performance showed that they have what it takes onstage. Now, you can help them bring that magic to the studio.

Contribute to their Kickstarter today!

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