Collaborating For A Cause…

Two internationally-renowned a cappella ensembles have come together in a truly noble aim – to commemorate the anniversary of lives lost to war, and to call for peace and understanding.

“[Thirty] years after the war, The Swingle Singers from England and Voxpop from Argentina come together to sing for friendship between nations,” a stark introduction to the video reads in two languages as the first delicate strains of music are heard.

Ethereal, passionate, and all-around gorgeous, “We Only Ask” is a contemplative, reverent prayer that uses the best of what both groups have to offer to create a stirring musical experience. As the arrangement grows in complexity, the song takes on a driving, hopeful quality that emulates the groups’ message.

cover lg 300x300 Collaborating For A Cause...“We recorded a … song and video with the Swingle Singers because this year marks 30 years since the Falklands conflict between England and Argentina, and it’s a song of friendship between our two countries,” Voxpop told ACR.

The Falklands War, which lasted between April 2 and June 14 of 1982, took the lives of a reported 649 Argentine and 255 British military personnel.

Voxpop added, “[T]he actual choice of charity is delicate, which is why we’re giving this a lot of thought.”

The groups ultimately decided to donate the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders, an organization that aims to provide necessary medical care, without bias, to developing areas in need, or areas ravaged by war and natural disasters.

We Only Ask” is now available for download through A Cappella Records and iTunes.


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