A Cappella Records, Inc acquires Kakapo LLC

February 12, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – A Cappella Records, Inc. is proud to announce its first acquisition of another company. We’ve taken on Kakapo, LLC for its talent and technology.

While Kakapo’s name might not be instantly familiar, many of its products are well-known to the Internet-savvy. Best-known as the driving force behind the “Game Music Bundle”, Kakapo has generated over $300,000 for artists in just over a year.

upload A Cappella Records, Inc acquires Kakapo LLC

Kakapo’s founder and engineer, Josh Whelchel, will be joining our team as our new Chief Technology Officer. In addition to his expertise running a platform for bundled content and working directly with independent artists, Josh brings a healthy obsession with using technology to strengthen the relationship between artists and their fans. He is also, like the other core members of the team, a passionate and talented musician in his own right.

With the new acquisition of Josh and Kakapo, it’s also time for some broader changes at ACR. Every year for the last four years, we’ve tripled in gross revenue, generating well over 4 million downloads and streams for our hundreds of cover song musicians, including Peter Hollens, The Futureheads, The Swingle Singers, the Whiffenpoofs, and the Tufts Beelzebubs.

This last April, we launched Joypad Records, extending our expertise and technology to the video game music community. Joypad’s releases have charted worldwide on numerous occasions, and we represent cover artists like Skotein (creator of Pokemon Reorchestrated), Kyle Landry, Erutan, and Blake Robinson. We’ve also begun to offer indie game soundtracks from studios like HyperDuck Soundworks and Disasterpeace.

While we’re still firmly supporting the a cappella community through ACR, we’ve decided to change the legal name of the company to something that will allow us to grow into even more cover song markets, especially in the realm of YouTube and discovery. As such, we’ve decided to rebrand our new team as re:discover, inc.

re:discover will be able to support all of our talented artists with licensing, distribution, and other services regardless of how they choose to make their art. Our labels (including Joypad and ACR) will continue to support our a cappella and video game communities specifically.

We’re working on some big things behind the scenes, and while we can’t say much yet, look for a lovely bundle this Thursday (just in time for Valentine’s), with an even louder announcement in the near future.

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  2. Excellent news on the merged team – expecting great things ! Best, Colin

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